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Young people live with breast cancer worldwide. Those experiences matter and will change the future of survivors and thrivers.

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PROJECT 528: Young breast cancer communities around the world deserve more. It starts with a safe space to share your experiences.  Project 528 is the first and only comprehensive global survey to identify and understand the most pressing needs of young people diagnosed with breast cancer – to change the experiences you share with each other, with your caregivers, and from your healthcare providers.

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An estimated 528,018 young women around the world are living with breast cancer1. To serve and support them all, the world must hear their needs in their own words.

Project 528’s goal is to listen and learn from the experience of this community and in turn create shared solutions that will improve the lives of people affected by breast cancer at a young age.

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1Based on the 5-year prevalence rate from GLOBOCAN 2018 Global Cancer Observatory

Shared knowledge creates shared solutions.

Twenty organizations from around the world are working together to identify gaps in our collective knowledge and craft questions to address them.


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