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About Project528

yoko wearing purple hat and scarf in city

Yoko – Diagnosed at age 36

What is Project 528?

Project 528 is a comprehensive global survey to identify and understand the most pressing needs of young women diagnosed with breast cancer, their caregivers, and the healthcare providers that support them. Twenty international organizations are working together to identify gaps in our collective knowledge and craft questions to address them. The survey and its insights is translated into 8 languages and is being distributed globally.

What is the goal of Project 528?

Our goal is to listen and learn from the experience of the young breast cancer community around the world.  The results will be analyzed and presented in a multi-part report series that partner organizations, patient advocates, and clinicians can share with government policymakers, healthcare providers and others who influence our care. One outcome will be the co-creation of shared solutions that will improve the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

Jess smiling at camera

Jess – Diagnosed at age 27

Kelly standing in park

Kelly – Diagnosed at age 32

Why is Project 528 important?

We are a global community. Whether you’re in Paris or Cairo, you were probably one of the youngest people in your oncologist’s office. Your breast cancer experiences share common challenges. Project 528 is the first-ever global effort to identify the most pressing needs of this community and share them across languages and continents to improve the quality of care for all.

How did Project 528 start?

During ESO-ESMO 4th International Consensus Guidelines for Breast Cancer in Young Women (BCY4), patient advocates recommended that a global comprehensive needs assessment be conducted to help set patient priorities. Europa Donna – Slovenia and Young Survival Coalition (YSC) partnered to recruit other global breast cancer organizations and begin this work.

Anna with her head leaning against her hand and looking out to window

Anna – Diagnosed at age 37

Natalie sitting in room

Natalie – Diagnosed at age 34

How can I help Project 528?

Sharing your experience can help the estimated 500,000 young women across the world who will  experience a breast cancer diagnosis in the next 5 years. Take the survey today to make your voice heard.


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Take the survey today to make your voice heard.

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